The Best 100% Grass Fed Beef in All SouthWest Florida Cruelty Free - All Natural - Grass Finished
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Our 100% grass fed beef cattle are raised and finished in all natural grass pastures of sunny Southwest Florida.

Queen B Cattle Co. we practice a cruelty-free approach to beef farming which improves the environment through sustained farming and soil improvement techniques.

Our grass fed cattle are bred for the quality of their beef and receive an all natural 100% grass diet.

Free of pesticides, antibiotics, steroids and never even receive synthetic growth hormones.

Queen B Cattle Co. grass fed beef cattle are never held in fed lots and are free to graze on the fresh green grass pastures of sunny Southwest Florida.

Our beef cattle are finished on the highest quality forage available in Southwest Florida. Insuring the best quality grass fed beef possible that is high in nutrition with a clean grass fed beef flavor and tenderness.

Each individual animal is treated humanely, cruelty-free living in the green grass pastures of peaceful rural Southwest Florida.

Queen B Cattle Co. is passionate about providing Southwest Florida with the healthiest, safest and highest quality grass fed beef in Florida.

Cruelty Free   -   All Natural   -   Grass Finished   -   No Hormones   -   No Antibiotics   -   Green Beef

Our 100% grass fed beef cost less than you think.
A gourmet delight on a family budget.
Grass fed beef tastes the way nature intended.
The rich flavors of the beef come through
Grass fed beef is lower in saturated fat, high in protein and fiber, while being low in starch.
Green Beef!
Grass feed beef is cruelty free and gentle on the environment.
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